Dallman & Bohl
General Contractors

Who We Are

Dallman Bohl General Contractors (DBGC, Inc.) is first and foremost a belief that a for profit construction company has an obligation to deliver on the all too common promise of excellence. As lifelong athletes, partners Billy Bohl and John Dallman know that showing up on game day with high hopes and good intentions does little to assure success at the finish line.

What differentiates us and our desire to win is the hard fought day-to-day preparation that we know is necessary to stay in the game. Assembling a great team with above average skills, providing leadership for that team that consistently lets it be known that we have an obligation to do the best that we can, and outfitting that team with the tools and office support necessary to carry out complex tasks – these are the essence of our business plan.

John Dallman met Billy Bohl in 1984 when Billy answered John’s call for additional help to meet the challenges of a project that grew in size and scope. Two years and a number of jobs later, over a beer in a dive bar, the two of them formalized their partnership and committed to building not only houses but a company that would allow them to set a high bar for themselves and others. To this day they remain committed to the solid work that it takes to attempt to leap over that bar.

The business was incorporated in 1987 and with a change in name, became DBGC, Inc. in 2001.

DBGC, Inc. is a fraternity of carpenters, supervisors, office personnel, subcontractors, and material suppliers united to serve the needs of our clients. Past residential and light commercial projects include:


Remodeling, restoration and renovation of existing homes.

New Homes

The construction of brand new homes.

Commercial Spaces

The construction and remodeling of banks, offices, schools, restaurants, and retail stores.


Logistical challenges such as managing the dismantling and relocation of major roller coasters throughout the United States.

Continued Service

We stand by our work, providing continued service of projects well past their completion dates.

We employ 21 field staff with most of them having been with the company for many, many years. They are highly skilled and highly invested in the company. Their capacity and efforts are supplemented by a web of skilled carpenters that were vetted and assembled over the company’s past 30 years in business. A full office staff in turn supports the field staff. We pioneered the practice of “full disclosure” in estimating and accounting.

DBGC, Inc. is a medium sized construction company that simultaneously manages multiple projects by delegating a full-time supervisor to each project. The site supervisor comes to the job with years of “boots on the ground” experience in managing budgets, schedules, and the day to day tasks of running a job. Each site supervisor works with either Billy or John such that there is a global oversight.

Company Details

  • Years in business: 30 years in business
  • Insured By: Motorists Mutual Insurance Co - $5,000,000.00 Liability Policy
  • LEED: John Dallman & Billy Bohl both completed certified training and are LEED Accredited Professionals.
  • Safety: Maintains a safety program monitored by Safety Systems Inc., and have a clean OSHA record.

Project Managers

We currently have 8 Project Managers who are in charge of job scheduling, budget adherence, managing daily jobsite activities, daily opening and closing of the jobsite, attending all meetings, scheduling the hour-to-hour activities including subcontractors, assisting in material ordering, quality control and performing carpentry as required.

Other Staff

  • 8 Carpenters
  • 4 Office Staff (Full and Part Time)
  • 1 Utility Man


Team Image

John Dallman


John Dallman has spent 37 of his 62 years involved in construction. Add in the 6 years that he spent maintaining and racing sailboats on the Great Lakes and fully 2/3rds of his life’s work has been spent working with his hands.

John was born in Wisconsin, raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and attended the University of Wisconsin where he spent a year as one of two student representative on the Governor’s taskforce to consolidate the University of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin State University systems. After graduation from the University of Michigan with a degree in Chinese Studies, he took a job on an interstate paving crew followed by a job in Washington, DC which focused his energies in the field of foreign policy. Describing Washington as “nice to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there,” he moved to Cincinnati in 1978 and began his continuing quest to understand how things are built.

Today, John relies on the lessons learned in Washington as well as those passed on by his family’s 3 previous generations of small business owners to oversee DBGC, Inc. In addition to his primary responsibility as the managing partner, his duties include estimating and overseeing a full range of the company’s projects and project managers.

John’s wife Katie Whelan has been active in the accounting side of the business since its start. They have been married for 28 years and have two grown children.

For the past 11 years, John has volunteered with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Ride to Cure program. He serves on the National Leadership Committee, is one of six JDRF national bicycling coaches, and coaches for the SW Ohio chapter of JDRF. In his spare time, he races bikes, tends to their yard, and is busy restoring a 1880’s granary.

Team Image

Billy Bohl


Billy Bohl began working on a residential framing crew at age 16 and has not set foot out of the construction industry since. Raised on the east side of Cincinnati he worked through high school and college as a carpenter here in Cincinnati and as a carpentry foreman on commercial projects for a 4-1/2 year stint in West Palm Beach, Florida. He graduated from The University of Cincinnati Business College in 1987 majoring in Marketing and Real Estate.

He became partners with John Dallman in 1985. His current responsibilities include taking the lead in new client contact and estimating, management of projects and project managers, management of commercial projects and accounts, and his share of the many little things it takes to operate a construction company. He can be found daily wearing jeans and work boots as opposed to the standard office uniform of khakis and button-downs and spends most of his day on construction sites and as little behind the desk as he can get away with.

His hobbies and interests include golf, adventure travel, and fitness. He is an active volunteer as mentor in the Hamilton County's Higher Education Mentoring Initiative. He is a LEED Accredited Professional.

He and his wife Jill of 30 years have two grown children.